Mommy Style Monday: Lunch Time

I don’t know why, but lunch time is always so hard at our house.  Chad is always busy playing, Luke occasionally sleeps through lunch, and I’m so busy with work, house work, or something that I don’t make it as high of a priority as I really should.

Now because of this, I have made an extra effort over the past several weeks to sit down and have lunch together.  I think this has been such a big game changer for us! When we all sit down together, Chad isn’t distracted by toys, Luke is more calm, and I don’t have to divide my attention between so many different things. Lunch time is fun!

What do your kids eat for lunch?

It varies depending on the day, but there are a handful of go-to things that I know my kids will eat: Broccoli, Tortilla chips, tacos, chicken nuggets, french fries, rice & beans, Costco pizza, sweet potato crackers, breakfast foods (Luke eats the softer things on this list).

What do I eat for lunch?

I’ve been working hard lately to eat healthier, more purposeful meals rather than snacking on what the kids eat.  Because of this, I actually think my kids eat healthier because instead of making “kid lunches” and “mom lunches” we all can eat the same thing.  I’m more of a warm or salad type of lunch eater. Sandwiches aren’t really my thing, therefore my kids don’t like them either.


I think I eat salads most consistently, though.  The general base of my salad is usually the same: lettuce, chicken, an additional fruit and/or veggie, and dressing. I don’t think salads need to be complex to be good.

  • For the lettuce, I use spinach or one Artisan Romaine Heart (comes in a pack at Costco).
  • For chicken, I use a rotisserie, grilled, or even canned. Costco sells all 3 of those, or you can grill your own chicken or use leftovers from your dinner the night before. Sometimes I even use black beans instead of chicken!
  • Fruits and Veggies: you can use berries, avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, dried cranberries, corn, and red onion, peppers…the list goes on and on!
  • Salad dressing: My favorite brand is Bolthouse Farms because 1 serving is only 30-45 calories (I try to stay under 60 calories) and is plenty of dressing for a large salad.  They are so flavorful! They’re so good, Chad will even take some of my salad and not want to eat the croutons (his favorite part!) because he just wants all the salad dressing haha!
  • Other: you can always add cheese, croutons, nuts, seeds, or any other toppings! I leave these off when I’m not looking for extra calories, since it’s easy to go overboard with fun “toppings”!

What are your favorite lunches?


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