Chad is THREE!

We recently celebrated our favorite 3 year old! I cannot believe we went to the hospital 3 years ago to have our first baby.  He will forever be one of my best friends and truest loves.

I am so proud of the little boy Chad has become.  He is fun, kind, funny, helpful, loving, and so polite.  His nursery leaders are frequently telling us how he always says “Please”, “Thank you” and “No, thank you”.  What a little charmer!  He is an amazing big brother to Luke. Although Chad has a really hard time sharing, you can see how much he enjoys playing with Luke and it’s fun to watch them have fun together. Chad loves animals. They are his ultimate obsession. I asked Chad a couple questions, and here are his answers.

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Pizza, Broccoli, and Donuts

Favorite Animal: Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Bear

Favorite Parent: “I like Daddy” haha

Best Friend: “Michael” (his cousin)

Favorite Thing to Do: Play outside

We celebrated Chad’s golden birthday with a birthday party with some cousins and friends. The theme was, “Young, Wild, and THREE!” It was fun having so many kids at our house that love Chad. I had so much help with his birthday party thanks to Ally! She’s a party planning extraordinaire and made all of our birthday party dreams a reality.




His party was the day before his birthday, so we kept his birthday pretty low key.  We had donuts for breakfast (Sienicki Family Tradition), went to church, and played games with Chad all day.  We hope he had the best birthday ever!

Sunday Selfie

Chad is in the 55% for height and 60% for weight! We went from a chunk-a-chunk to an average sized boy haha.  But besides his height and weight, there is nothing average about him! He is extraordinary in every way and we LOVE having him as a part of our family!




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