Happy Father’s Day, Kurt!


(We made a candy card for Kurt for Father’s Day! Here’s what it said!)


We were in a bit of a time CRUNCH and we couldn’t think of what to get you for Father’s Day. We aren’t able to send you on a trip to New YORK, or an ORBIT around the MILKY WAY to see a STARBURST, or even give you a WHOPPER-ing 100 GRAND because the money slipped through out BUTTERFINGERs and we were left with ZERO dollars because of mom’s shopping SPREE. What a (Milk) DUDs.

We wanted to TAKE 5 to tell you that we love you to (Reese’s) PIECES! Thanks so much for being an amazing SUGAR DADDY! Thanks for spoiling us GOOD & PLENTY, making us SNICKER, and for always loving us when we are NERDS and when we hit a SOUR PATCH. We aren’t playing any TWIX when we say we SKORed by having you as a dad! We can’t wait to have MOUNDS of FUN (Dip) with you this summer. We love you NOW AND LATER. You are such a LIFESAVER and we are EXTRA lucky to have you.

With love from your favorite little SUGAR BABIES,

Chad (GOOBERS for Peanut) and Luke (GUMMY BEARS for Bear) and Mom

P.S. Mom think’s you’re a HOT TAMALE!

We are so blessed to have Kurt in our family! He has become such a loving provider & protector of us.  He’s such an essential part of our family and we don’t know what we’d do without him. Thanks for loving us, Kurt!


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