Luke: 10 Months & 11 Months

At 10 months, Luke:

  • Chipped his front tooth
  • Learned to wave, but doesn’t like to do it
  • Can stand on his own for 10-15 seconds
  • Is getting braver and starting to let go of whatever is supporting him when he stands up
  • Says, “dada” “mama” “baba”
  • Loves babbling
  • Makes the “L” sound better than Chad does
  • Smiles ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Has 6 teeth

At 11 months, Luke

  • Has 8 teeth
  • Is cruising and regularly walking with assistance
  • Loves to crawl after Chad
  • Like to chase and be chased
  • Has taken a couple wobbly steps on his own
  • Screeches and squeals very loudly
  • Went swimming for the first time and loved it!
  • Eats a lot of food

Luke’s Favorite Things

Graham crackers • Walking • Sleeping • Warm bottles • Playing with Chad’s toys • Taking warm baths with Chad

Luke’s Least Favorite Things

Tough love from Chad • Having things on his head • Being cold during swimming • Going to bed • Watching Dad leave for work • Not getting food fast enough

I am so sad that he is getting big so fast, but I love watching him learn new things, master new skills, and become better friends with Chad every single day. We love you Luke!


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