Our Little Pumpkins

We are SO excited to announce that we are having twins next year!

I can hardly even believe it myself. We are still in shock, and a little nervous, but we feel so blessed to be growing our family and doubling our current kid count!

I am currently 13 weeks (just over 3 months) pregnant and I am so sick. I am currently receiving IV therapy from home and have been for a week, and there’s no definite end to it. We are hoping only another week or two. No matter how long I have to do this, I will never get used to the giant needles they have to stick in my arms and hands!

Despite my health and being very sick, dehydrated, and losing lots of weight, both babies are healthy and have strong heartbeats. We love seeing them and hearing them when I go to the doctor every week.

Thank you for all the love & support we have already received! The babysitting, meals, visits, and prayers have been so helpful and we feel so blessed.

We already love these babies and can’t wait to meet them this spring!


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