Pregnancy #3: Finding Out

Finding out I was pregnant was a total shock! Obviously we were excited, but we were anticipating it taking the 10-12 months it took to get pregnant with both boys.

According to the app on my phone, I should take a pregnancy test in 2 days. I was going to be in California at the time for my best friend’s wedding and I didn’t know whether I was going to need to bring a pregnancy test or prepare for another cycle to start. Plus, I didn’t want to bring a test with me. So I decided to just take a pregnancy test early. If it was negative, I knew I would have to be prepared if I started another cycle.

The Pregnancy Test I took the test and left it in the bathroom and set the timer on the microwave for 5 minutes. I figured it would be negative, so I wasn’t feeling super antsy about seeing the results, especially since I felt like I was taking it too early for it to be positive. In my mind there was no way I was pregnant. I went back to packing and getting the boys ready for our trip and the timer went off. I went into the bathroom and picked up the test and did a major double take! It was a very clear positive!

I was freaking out a little bit. The first thing I did was get my phone and find a pregnancy due date calculator online on my phone. My estimated due date was April 23rd, just before our 6 year wedding anniversary. It really started to sink in as I saw how my pregnancy would be changing a lot of our family trips and plans: Cruise in October 2018, Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2019, not wanting to buy a new car for a while, our family reunion next year and needing to fly with THREE kids instead of 2, etc. (Little did I know when I wrote this post that it would be FOUR kids instead of 2)

I quickly set up something to announce my pregnancy to Kurt (which is what is pictured at the top). He was getting ready to come home from work and pack for our trip, so I decorated our bed, knowing that that’s where he would arrange everything that he needed to pack. Well, I was spot on when it came to Kurt using the bed…but he didn’t even notice!!! I had to point it out to him. 😂 We were both in total shock! We were excited, nervous, but pretty calm about it. We are just so grateful to know that after two difficult trying-to-conceive periods with Chad and Luke, we were able to get pregnant so quickly.

We can’t wait to meet this little baby (now TWO babies)! We are a bit overwhelmed by the fact that Luke will be 20 months when our family gets bigger. I’m given a lot of comfort because my mom had twins when my older sister was 2, so I know I’ll get some good advice.

Guys…I’m pregnant!!! It’s still hard for me to believe and I feel like I’m dreaming sometimes. I’m so grateful and I feel so blessed to be able to have a body that’s able to help this baby grow and join our family. I seriously cannot wait! It’s still too soon to tell, but what do you guys think…boy or girl?!


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