Pregnancy #3: Maternity Clothes for Twin Pregnancy

I am 18 weeks tomorrow! I feel ginormous and with being so sick, I haven’t felt like myself.  I don’t have much energy, I never get ready, and I grew out of my pre pregnancy clothes faster than I thought I would. Maternity clothes isn’t something I really invested in during my pregnancies with Chad & Luke. Most of my clothes fit during my pregnancies, or I borrowed clothes from other people.

On Instagram I did a haul of some maternity clothes that I bought from ASOS. The top 3 brands of maternity clothes I have are ASOS, H&M, and PinkBlush.

The thing about a twin pregnancy is that I know I’m going to be a lot bigger than I was with my other pregnancies. My go rod this pregnancy have been:

  • Under the bump jeans: how I survived without these with my other pregnancies, I do not now. I will never wear over the bump full panel jeans again!
  • Basics: solid colored tops have been really important to me because I’ll be pregnant during 3 different seasons
  • Loose fitting tops and fitted tops made with stretchy materials: the size of my bump changes quickly since I have 2 babies growing this time around. Lightweight, stretchy tops have been my favorite, as well as wearing oversized sweaters, and buying tops 1 size larger than what I usually would since I know I’ll need the extra wiggle room.

I own more PinkBlush maternity clothing than any other brand! I love their clothes so much! My favorite thing about all of my pieces from them is that they have so many pieces that work for the pregnancy and post partum wardrobe. I’ve posted about the clothes that I’ve received before from PinkBlush and I wore them while I was pregnant with Luke, the year after, and now into my pregnancy with the twins.

This time around, I’ve committed to sticking with some solid color basics. I received the best stretchy, fitted top from PinkBlush! It’s perfect with jeans, skirts, under cardigans or dresses, and is super easy to dress up or down. And I LOVE that I’ll be able to wear it after the babies come! I can’t find a link to my exact top, but there are SO many to choose from!



Thank you PinkBlush for sponsoring this post!


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  1. Just have to say a HUGE thank you! I too am a newly pregnant twin Mama! I have been searching for review of PinkBlush but haven’t come across anyone that has twins. Thank you for writing this!


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