Pregnancy #3: 24 Weeks

Size: Eggplant || estimated to be about 1.5 lbs and 13″ long…but we’ll get more accurate measurements in a few weeks when I see the perinatologist.

Gender: Two girls! This is something I still haven’t wrapped my mind around. I’ve had a little too much fun purchasing some clothes for the girls haha

Baby Names: We have our names picked out! They hit all of my criteria, and all of Kurt’s, which are: 1 family name included, short, sounds pretty, flows well with our boy names, easy to spell. I would usually go for more unique names, BUT the names we fell in love with happen to be pretty popular…oh well!

Cravings: Sweets! Lots and lots of sweets

Aversions: Mostly just strong smells: salsa and Pringles make it on that list.

Symptoms: Difficulty moving, hard to get comfortable, aches & pains (especially my back and hips), headaches, heartburn, a super fast growing baby bump.

Recently I got an MRI done. Unfortunately the cyst that I’ve had on my ovary has grown, and I seem to have a tumor.

Nausea/Morning Sickness: only when I don’t eat often enough or drink enough water during the day

Movement: Lots! I feel movement in a lot of the same spots, so the girls are just trying to get comfortable on whatever side they currently are on.

Sleep: Not great. But I do sleep better when I roll out and take a unisom at night. I know that 2019 will not be my year of getting a good nights sleep, so I’m trying to now.

Maternity Clothes: Only things that fit me now are maternity clothes! Even in the maternity clothes I’ve purchased I’ve gone a size up just so they aren’t super tight if I make it all the way to 38 Weeks.

I was sent this dress by PinkBlush and I knew I had to take it to California with me and take a few photos. I didn’t do maternity pictures with Chad, so I made the commitment to take them in the future. Kurt took these pictures of me! I knew I wanted to take them earlier this pregnancy since my bump gets bigger everyday. I can’t imagine trying to take these photos at 30+ weeks pregnant. I instantly fell in love with this dress! It was fun to wear something more feminine than in the past and embrace me being pregnant with two girls. I feel like maxi dresses and more formal dresses just really suit maternity photos and make you feel good at the same time. You all know how much I love PinkBlush!

Wedding Ring on/off?: On 🙂 So glad the swelling hasn’t kicked in full force yet. Sometimes they’re too big and spin around on my finger- huge confidence boost that my rings still fit!!

Favorite Moment of the Week: Spending the holidays in Santa Barbara with my family. It was so nice having the boys play with their grandparents and for all of us to enjoy warmer weather. The boys are obsessed with my parents! The four of them just love each other so much and it’s so fun to watch. My parents have really grown into the grandparent roll well- they have the best toys, and my boys love that my parents will go outside and run around with them, play silly games with them, etc. It’s such a blessing and I am so grateful for everything my parents do for us. We also got to see my sister and her fiancé and the boys couldn’t get enough of them! They loved playing with “Aunt Eweese (Elise) and Uncle Yusof”.

Plus, no potty accidents for Chad this week! 🙌🏼 We spent the week celebrating, going on adventures, Kurt and I going on a couple dates (major shout out to Babci & Dziadziu for making those happen), and letting the boys be outside as much as possible.

Least Favorite Moment of the Week: There hasn’t been a particular moment…but just this week it’s become really difficult to move and get around on my own.

Looking Forward To: My doctor appointments next week, welcoming in the New Year, learning more about these babies!




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