Luke: One Month

It's absolutely crazy to me that I had Luke just over a month ago. Fastest passing month I've ever experienced, that's for sure.  This first month of being parents of 2 has challenged and stretched us but we have had a wonderful time. Luke is continuing to grow everyday. Luke sleeps & eats like a … Continue reading Luke: One Month


Mommy Style Monday: A Day in the Life of the Witt’s!

We are doing our best to settle into more of a routine before Baby Bear comes! We haven't had too much of a routine over the past year because we've loved being flexible, spontaneous, and open to schedule changes. Now that a little baby is going to join our family, we are trying to better … Continue reading Mommy Style Monday: A Day in the Life of the Witt’s!

Weeks 18-21

  WEEK 18 Size: Fruit/Veg: Sweet potato Animal: Sugar Glider Bakery: Croissant Toys & games: Slingshot Gender: I've still been going back and forth.  I don't feel like my pregnancy is much different this time around than it was with Chad, but I did get morning sickness sooner and it went away sooner so maybe it's a girl...? I'd love … Continue reading Weeks 18-21

8 Months

We continue to be amazed at how quickly Chad is growing and learning.  He's continually changing and becoming less of a baby and more of a "big boy".  Along with changing, he continues to be our pride and joy.  We love celebrating his successes as he learns and masters different things. At 8 months, Chad: … Continue reading 8 Months