Weeks 32-35

WEEK 32 Size: Fruit/Veg: Florida pomelo Animal: Naked tailed armadillo Bakery: Pan d'epi Toys & games: Plastic scooter board Gender: Boy Baby Names: Maybe! We are one step closer to deciding on a name...I think. Again, Baby Bear's name won't be announced until his birth. It'll be a secret until then from everyone. Not even … Continue reading Weeks 32-35


Weeks 27-29

Size: Fruit/Veg: Bunch of Bananas, Rutabaga, Head of lettuce Animal: Fennec fox Bakery: Charlotte Royals cake Toys & games: Camping lantern Gender: Boy. I continue to get more and more excited for another boy to join our family. I'm extremely curious as to what he is going to look like! Baby Names: You guys...I think … Continue reading Weeks 27-29