Introducing Luke Joseph Witt

We are so happy to welcome Luke to our family!  His birth story will make an appearance within the next week or two, as we are spending every second we can snuggling this sweet boy. The name Luke means "light giving" and our sweet newborn does exactly that.  We chose the name Luke because someone … Continue reading Introducing Luke Joseph Witt


8 Months

We continue to be amazed at how quickly Chad is growing and learning.  He's continually changing and becoming less of a baby and more of a "big boy".  Along with changing, he continues to be our pride and joy.  We love celebrating his successes as he learns and masters different things. At 8 months, Chad: … Continue reading 8 Months

7 Months

We've officially started counting down the months towards Chad's 1st birthday.  I feel really bittersweet about this because Chad isn't my little baby anymore.  Many people have commented recently, " have a big baby" and as weird as that comment is sometimes, it's true! It doesn't make sense to carry Chad in his carseat anymore because he … Continue reading 7 Months