Weeks 18-21

  WEEK 18 Size: Fruit/Veg: Sweet potato Animal: Sugar Glider Bakery: Croissant Toys & games: Slingshot Gender: I've still been going back and forth.  I don't feel like my pregnancy is much different this time around than it was with Chad, but I did get morning sickness sooner and it went away sooner so maybe it's a girl...? I'd love … Continue reading Weeks 18-21

Week 15

WEEK 15 Hello, 2nd Trimester! I am pumped to be out of my 1st trimester and closer to no morning sickness, my bump getting bigger & people realizing I'm pregnant and not fat, and getting my energy back. Size: Fruit/Veg: Apple Animal: Yellow Canary Bakery: Éclair Toys & games: Box of Crayons Gender: I'm thinking girl … Continue reading Week 15

37 & 38 Weeks

37 WEEKS Size: Winter Melon {19.8" long, 6.2 lbs} Gender: Bouncing Baby Boy! Baby Names?: It's been so fun hearing people's guesses this past week!  Keep them coming 🙂 Cravings: We've been on an otter pop craze over here, and have already gone through 2 bags {we buy the generic brand ones that come in the red mesh bag … Continue reading 37 & 38 Weeks