Our Story

05.15.11 {He Saw Her}- We met at church in Santa Barbara, CA.  He walked right up to my friends and me and started talking to us. We became friends instantly.

06.16.11 {First Date at Stearn’s Wharf}- We didn’t intend on this being our first date, but it turned into one! We spent the evening walking and talking on Stearn’s Wharf in Santa Barbara, CA. It was a gorgeous night, and was the first time we spent time together just the two of us.

07.16.11 {He Kissed Her}- Kurt kissed me while we were hanging out at my house after watching a movie {She’s The Man}. He definitely swept me off my feet!

08.♥.12 {They Fell In Love}- No, this is no typo. It took us over a year for us to be in love with each other at the same time. A lot happened within that year, but we got back together and things moved f a s t.

11.20.12 {She Said, “Yes!”}- Kurt planned and amazing and romantic proposal, and I wasn’t expecting it at all! I should’ve known he was proposing; he gave me a hug while we were on our date and his heart was beating so fast, which was odd to me because Kurt was always so proud of his slow resting heart rate.  He recreated a bunch of our favorite dates that night and combined them into one super date. I didn’t know he already had a ring because he proposed the day before we were planning to go ring shopping together.  He proposed with my dream ring made just for me!

04.27.13 {Married For Eternity}- We were married and sealed in the Los Angeles LDS Temple.  We had a wonderful time celebrating our marriage with our closest friends and family.

06.03.15 {We Became Parents!}- We welcomed Chad Thomas Witt into our family at 7:03pm. | 8 lbs. 1 oz., 21 inches long. He’s perfect!

08.07.17 {We Had Baby #2!}- Luke Joseph Witt was born at 1:09pm | 8 lbs. 7.4 oz., 21″ long


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