Mommy Style Monday: Favorite Things Box

I was so excited when received & opened my first Favorite Things Box! Monica picked out the most PERFECT items that are right up my ally. The theme was Beauty & Fashion. I am absolutely addicted for face masks, especially during this pregnancy and it being summer time. My skin needs extra TLC! Let's get … Continue reading Mommy Style Monday: Favorite Things Box


Happy Father’s Day!

I remember the night Kurt and I sat down and had a nice long talk about feeling right about marrying each other; we had just spent the evening with Kurt's nephews and that was our first time seeing each other around kids. It was that night that I saw how amazing Kurt was with kids, … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

Weeks 30 & 31

WEEK 30 Size: Fruit/Veg: Summer Cantaloupe Animal: Platypus Bakery: Brie en Brioche Toys & games: Motorcycle helmet Gender: Boy Baby Names: I think we've narrowed it down to 2, one of them being a totally new name.  I'm still just not sure, and because I'm not sure, Kurt isn't sure.  It's a hot mess when it comes to names.  I'm fairly … Continue reading Weeks 30 & 31

Weeks 27-29

Size: Fruit/Veg: Bunch of Bananas, Rutabaga, Head of lettuce Animal: Fennec fox Bakery: Charlotte Royals cake Toys & games: Camping lantern Gender: Boy. I continue to get more and more excited for another boy to join our family. I'm extremely curious as to what he is going to look like! Baby Names: You guys...I think … Continue reading Weeks 27-29