2 Years Old!

We have a two year old in our family! We had a crazy week, but it was so much fun celebrating our sweet boy.

We lasted almost 2 years without any major mishaps. We were 2 days shy! Chad choked on something and we spent the day at different offices and the hospital making sure he was okay. Fortunately he is and he was back to his usual self by the evening.

Kurt was leaving town and wouldn’t be able to celebrate on Chad’s actual birthday with us so we celebrated with dinner beforehand! These two are best buds. It’s so fun seeing how much they love each other. I can’t wait to watch them make some room for another little buddy at the end of the summer. I’ll be seriously outnumbered, but if this new boy loves anything like his dad and big brother, I’ll be extremely spoiled.

Chad’s last photo as a 1 year old!

Waffle Tower breakfast for the birthday boy!

We opened gifts the morning of his birthday. Every time he opened one he’d say, “Oh wow!” It was cute seeing how much he loved his gifts from family.

We spent the afternoon of his birthday at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. Chad loved it! I’m so glad we got a pass. He loved all the different rooms. His favorite things to do were playing with water, going outside and watching the fish, the music room, and playing with the stuffed animals as he pretended to be a vet. It’s fun watching him play pretend and use his imagination.

Chad’s Birthday Cake | Root Beer Float Cake, Recipe from Cake by Courtney

Chad is continuing to learn and love so many things…as well as dislike more and more things.

Chad’s Favorite Things

Broccoli • Candy • Playing outside with water • Bubbles • Animals • Planes • Dinosaurs • Curious George • staying up late with mom & dad • kisses • Morning snuggles with mom • Noodles • Running • Playing boo with Dad • building forts • lining things up in straight lines • climbing • Talking (a lot) • Playing at the park • playing with kids his age • Toast • Babies • the color Orange

Chad’s Least Favorite Things

Getting his head wet during bath time • Diaper changes • Strawberries • sitting in grocery carts • Getting dressed (he’d run around with no clothes on everyday if he could) • The first 2 minutes of nursery • Having messy hands

Chad loves to talk. I feel like he’s talked more within the past week than he did over the past month! Some frequent words/phrases are: please (pweese), thank you (tank oooo), open it, climb up, help, chips (chuh-wips), water, ball, movie, outside, stomp, jump, a wide variety of animal noises, candy (tinny), uh-oh, fix it, happy, eggs, night-night, baby.

Chad continues to grow! He’s getting so tall! He’s loosing pretty much all of his baby fat…but hopefully his little brother is a chunk like he was because I thought Chad was the cutest chunky baby!

  • Height: 36″  (91%) | He is 3 feet tall! I feel like that’s so big! We aren’t surprised though, as Kurt and I both come from tall families.
  • Weight: 28 lbs. 9.6 oz. (57%)

Chad is such a wonderful boy.  It took him a while for him to join our family but I’m oh so glad he did! He has such a loving and tender heart: he gets sad when he sees others cry, gives hugs & kisses when he sees someone crying, shares in others excitement and happiness, can tell when there’s contention, and is always wanting to help.  I feel so blessed to be his mother, and I know Kurt feels the same way about being his father.  Chad is so in tune with emotions and what is going on around him; it’s amazing.  He is going to be such a wonderful big brother.  We are proud of the little guy he’s becoming.  It’s hard to believe that he’s 2 years old. I feel like I don’t remember what life was like before him.  I had Chad just a handful of weeks after our 2 year wedding anniversary, so we really weren’t married long before we had kids.  We love being parents, and Chad has made it such a wonderful experience. Happy Birthday, Chad!




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